29 Buri Ram tourists injured as Bang Saray restaurant floor fails

Twenty-nine factory workers from Buri Ram province were injured when a seaside restaurant floor collapsed into the sea at Bang Saray beach in Sattahip district on Friday.

Local police were informed of the incident about 12.30pm.

They said the injured were among a group of about 200 employees of Buriram Sugar Plc on a field trip.

They were taken for a meal at Ruantalay Bangsaray Restaurant, Pol Lt Patananant Somnual, deputy inspector-general of the Sattahip police station, said.

The restaurant protrudes from the shore about 200 metres into the sea, with a  wooden floor over the water resting on concrete pillars.

As the group were walking to their seats, they stopped to look at the aquariums that are a feature of the  restaurant.

Suddenly, part of the wooden floor collapsed, leaving a hole about six metres wide and 11 metres long.

About 70 people fell onto the seashore, avoiding going in the water because the tide was out, and 29 of them – 15 women and 14 men – suffered injuries, from scrapes to broken bones.

Rescue workers spent about half an hour getting them all back safely on land and then sent them to hospitals.

Peng Buahom, assistant mayor of Bang Sare municipality, said the restaurant’s wooden floor and wooden beams were old and not maintained.

The place was closed pending an investigation. – Bangkok Post

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