2nd movie to PREVENT Hollywood ‘whitewash’ of cave rescue

Divers go in to save all remaining Thai boys trapped in cave

There’s a second movie project underway heralding the dramatic Thai cave rescues which have captured the world’s attention.

Director Jon Chu, whose film Crazy Rich Asians is due out next month, is attached to direct a new film based on the successful rescue of the Thai youth soccer team and their coach, who were trapped in a flooded underground cave in Thailand for more than two weeks.

The Los Angeles-based Ivanhoe Pictures is working with Chu on the new drama with co-operation from Thailand’s Navy and government to develop the film, according to a release from the company’s president John Penotti.

Director Jon Chu is not keen on a 'white wash' depiction of the Thai cave rescue.
Director Jon Chu is not keen on a ‘white wash’ depiction of the Thai cave rescue. – Photo: AP

The film company says they are currently in talks with “senior officials in Thailand both on provincial and national levels.” Ivanhoe Pictures says “multiple studios who have shown interest about this project”.

The news comes a day after Pure Flix Entertainment, with producers Michael Scott and Adam Smith, announced it was working on its own movie about the dramatic events.

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Chinese-American director Chu tweeted about his rival project Wednesday.

“I refuse to let Hollywood #whitewashout the Thai Cave rescue story! No way. Not on our watch. That won’t happen or we’ll give them hell.” Chu tweeted, adding it’s “a beautiful story” about human beings saving other human beings.

“So anyone thinking about the story better approach it right & respectfully,” he added. USA Today

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