Phuket governor orders media to ‘stop showing bodies’

The governor of Phuket has ordered the media NOT to show pictures like this any more...

The governor of Phuket has ordered the media to stop publishing pictures of the dead from the Phuket boat tragedy.

In a letter Noraphat Plotthong said he was determined to maintain the image of Thailand and protect the victims “in the name of humanity”.




Dozens of mainly Chinese tourists died in high seas principally on a sunken boat called the Phoenix.

The governor in his capacity as head of the rescue operation issued the letter to the media calling for no inappropriate pictures to be shared.

He specified those that are the retrieval of dead bodies and pictures of the injured.

He appealed for the media not to use such pictures for the sake of humanity.

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He spoke of the importance of maintaining the image of Thai tourism in the eyes of the world and keeping good relationships.

Thaivisa notes that visitors to Thailand – especially those from the West – are often shocked with the gruesome nature of pictures of dead bodies of accident and murder victims published in the Thai press. – Sanook

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