Golf: 5 Benefits To Using A Slope Rangefinder

Bushnell Pro X7 Jolt Slope Rangefinder

Golfers today have a wide variety of technology available for them to use to boost their performance when playing on the golf course.

Some technological advancements are so sophisticated and take up too much of your attention that you focus too much on them and get distracted from the simplicity of the game.

But there is golfing gear that is much simpler to use better known as a slope rangefinder. It has great features and has a load of benefits that it comes it.

Here’s a review of 5 such benefits:

  1.    Better Decision Making

Making use of a slope rangefinder to get measurements of the distance on the golf course to the hazards such as lakes and bunkers can help you make better decisions as you play.

Being able to measure the required distance in order for you to clear a fairway bunker can help you to accurately decide whether you should make an attempt or not.

  1.    You Have More Accuracy

A slope rangefinder has a simple functioning system which is quite easy to use whether you are a beginner or a pro. It has minimal differences in terms of distance measurements which provides you with more accuracy.

Smart features such as slope modes in a slope rangefinder give you the provision to measure slope factors. As such, you can determine the trajectory difference between the goal and the ball which enables you to get more accurate results when you play.

  1.    You Get Faster Results

Compared to the traditional devices used to measure distance, a slope rangefinder is more convenient as it generates quick results for you. It takes less time to calculate the distance measurements.

A slope rangefinder can quickly make a calculation of the elevation that you are aiming at, take it into account and quickly generate a proportional distance relative to the target.

It also eliminates the need for you to use yard markers to pace out accurate distances. You are guaranteed more accurate results that are derived more speedily.

  1.    Easy Handling And Targeting

Slope rangefinders are portable. You can easily carry them around on the golf course without feeling so burdened.

They are lightweight making them less bulky to handle. If you are a constant golf player, this is a huge benefit to you.

A slope rangefinder comes in handy as it makes targeting easy for you. The settings of this device are quite easy to alter and use whether you are an amateur or a professional which makes it so beneficial to you as a player.

  1.    You Get To Gather Data More Conveniently

With a slope rangefinder, you can conveniently gather information regarding how far of a distance you can hit the ball with each club.

Using a slope rangefinder to track of the average distance for every club you use can help you identify the minor improvements you make as you continue playing over time which you are less likely to notice when you only look at your final score.

This places you ahead of many other players in terms of performance.


A slope rangefinder has great benefits for you as a golf player. Need to buy one? Consider getting the pro x7 jolt slope rangefinder today.

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