Hungry dog eats dead ex-pat’s head in Sattahip

Presumably the dog has the right to remain unidentified...

Police and rescue medics called to a house in Sattahip found the dead body of 62 year old former Canadian businessman Glenn Stanley Pattinsan.

The body was in an advanced state of decomposition. His head had been gnawed to the skull bone.

Nearby was Mr Pattinsan’s pet Thai dog guarding the corpse.

Police surmised that the dog had started to eat his master due to having no food. The body had laid undiscovered in a bedroom for a week.

Neighbors said that Mr Pattinsan had lived in the estate for three years. They said a succession of different women came to the house.

Every day he would walk his dog for exercise in the evening. Two weeks ago and ambulance came to get him.

After coming back from hospital he was not seen again the following week.

Police found diabetes medication at the scene. – Daily News

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