Chinese hero saves 4, then survives 12 hours adrift at sea

Thai rescue divers and a tourist police boat are seen during a search mission for missing passengers from a capsized tourist boat in the water off Phuket, Thailand, Saturday, July 7, 2018. A search resumed for some 23 missing tourists on a boat that sank during a storm off the southern resort island of Phuket. (Vincent Thian / Associated Press)

A young man from Xinyang city of Henan province was applauded by Chinese netizens for his bravery and amazing acts of kindness when two tour boats capsized off Phuket in southern Thailand on Thursday afternoon, reported.

Zhang is under treatment in a hospital. [Photo from the web]

Zhang Haofeng and his fiancée Meng Ying were on their pre-marriage trip aboard one of the boats.

According to Meng and other witnesses, when the boat started sinking, Zhang, who’s a good swimmer, first escorted Meng to a lifeboat; then he gave his surfboard to an elderly couple and pushed them with all his strength to the lifeboat.

But he himself could not get on the lifeboat as it was fully loaded.

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He managed to survive on the sea thanks to a floating ball he found later.

While he was drifting, he saved another man from drowning by pulling him to the floating ball and they drifted together.

After floating on the sea for 12 hours, they arrived at an island the next morning and were rescued by a fishing boat.

During his ordeal he was bitten by many jellyfishes and rushed to local hospital in Thailand.

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