Cave rescue effort pauses with SIX reported to be SAFE

The Thailand cave rescue has drawn to a close for the day to allow support divers to enter the network and re-supply the oxygen tanks.

The next phase of the rescue operation to free the eight boys and their 25-year-old soccer coach will begin in 10 to 20 hours.

The Thai official in Sunday night’s news conference said rescue workers need “about 10 hours” to prepare for next operation.

How many boys are left in the cave? How many have been rescued?

THE 12 boys and their 25-year-old football coach are being rescued today after being trapped in a northern Thailand cave for two weeks. But how many boys are left in the cave and how many have been evacuated?

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At least six of the boys are now free from the flooded sections of the Tham Luang Nang Non caves in Chiang Rai after being stuck on a ledge since June 23.

Four are outside the cave network and two remain inside but are ‘past the danger zone.’

This means there are still six boys to go, as well as their coach, Ekkapol Chantawong.

At 10am local time, 18 divers went into the cave to bring out the boys – including 13 international divers and five Thai Navy Seals.

Thailand cave rescue: Helicopters and ambulances are whisking the rescued boys for treatment

A senior member of the rescue medical team since confirmed that six boys have now exited the cave complex.

A source, speaking after the first two boys were rescued, said: “Two kids are out. They are currently at the field hospital near the cave,” said Tossathep Boonthong, chief of Chiang Rai’s health department and part of the rescue team.

“We are giving them a physical examination. They have not been moved to Chiang Rai hospital yet.”

It has been reported that doctors assessed the boys inside the cave on Saturday, where they drew up an priority evacuation list.

It is not yet known whether the boys swum out, or if they were sedated and man-handled through the narrow passages by experienced cave divers.

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