Cave entrance screened off as rescue attempt begins

Steady rain overnight appears to have forced the hand of rescuers and brought forward an evacuation

Reports are surfacing that a possible rescue mission is underway where twelve boys and their coach are currently stuck.

Ambulances have arrived at the Thai cave along with Thai divers, while journalists on the scene report that “the trend toward an imminent rescue attempt continues”. 

CNN reports the forecast for monsoonal rains meant there might be no alternative but to try and get the boys out now.

It has also ben reported the situation has become more urgent over the last 24 hours due to oxygen levels dropping inside the cave.

Journalists in the area have said the area “feels different” due to the weather clearly turning. The media centre is being relocated 3km away.

Reports say that even once the rescue starts, it would presumably be hours before the first boy could make it out.

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk tweeted he was flying a “tiny, kid-sized submarine” over to Thailand after mulling over a number of different ideas to help the rescue effort.

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