Video: ‘Society heads down’ buried in phones and heading for oblivion!

Picture: Daily News

Footage from a rear facing camera on a car showed the moment when a motorcyclist – looking at his phone and not even wearing a helmet – smashes into the back of the vehicle in front.

The rider crashes to the road and is lucky that a following car does not run over him.

He picks himself up and survives – this time.

The footage was posted on Facebook by Praphop Chungyampin who said that society has their heads buried in their phones. Despite having insurance he now has to waste time for this man to get his car repaired.

He added that if his vehicle had been a truck the rider would already be facing up in a coffin.

The incident was shared more than 27,000 times and was viewed on some of the most popular sites on Thai social media.

The motorcyclist came in for universal criticism for being an idiot and wasting other people’s time with his patent lawbreaking.

The law allows for a fine of 400 – 1000 baht for phone use while operating a vehicle and 500 baht for not wearing a helmet.

No mention was made in the Daily News story of police involvement in this case. – Daily News

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