Tragic final picture before dying in cave rescue attempt

Saman Gunan - Tragic final picture before going back into the cave

This is the last time a former Thai Navy Seal was pictured before he died trying to get supplies to a dozen trapped boys and their coach.

The image showed Samarn Kunan standing with the rest of the volunteers prior to him going on a mission that involved him placing oxygen canisters in the cave.

Tragically the 38-year-old passed out while underwater and rescuers were unable to revive him.

He had posted the picture of him in the cave to his Instagram account.

Saman Kunan, 38, just before he went on the dangerous mission


Thai SEAL commander Arpakorn Yookongkaew confirmed Mr Kunan’s death in a press conference but said his team would not be deterred in its effort to help the trapped boys.

He said: ‘Despite this, we will continue until we accomplish our mission.’ Authorities are currently desperately trying to pump water from the cave before forecast rain hits the northern region tomorrow.

This would make the rescue mission even tougher because water levels would rise and make passage in some areas hard.

They’re also using a drainage system they hope will help reduce water levels and allow the boys space to breathe so they wouldn’t be over reliant on scuba apparatus during a rescue mission.

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