Elon Musk hopes his ‘tube’ can help the boys crawl out

The route for the boys trapped in cave system in Thailand ( MailOnline )

Elon Musk is sending engineers to assist in the Thailand cave rescue with the hope of creating a breathable ‘tube’ that will allow the boys to crawl free underwater.

A massive international rescue effort is underway to rescue the group of 12 boys and their football coach who have been stuck underground since June 23.

Mr Musk is the founder of Boring Company, a tunnel construction company and is also the CEO of Tesla and Space X.

He wants his engineers to insert a giant Nylon tube into the cave and inflate it so the boys can crawl to freedom.

The entrepreneur announced on Twitter: “SpaceX and BoringCo engineers headed to Thailand tomorrow to see if we can be helpful to govt.

Elon Musk Sends Teams To Assist With The Thailand Cave

There are probably many complexities that are hard to appreciate without being there in person.”

According to CNN, the Thai government have confirmed that the engineers will arrive on Saturday.


A statement from the Thai government said: “Elon Musk will send his team to Thailand tomorrow to help in cave rescue. He may provide services for location tracking, water pumping or battery power.”

On his twitter account, Mr Musk said that his company had advanced ground penetrating radar and suggested that they could insert a nylon tube to help the boys escape.

The British Cave Rescue Council estimated that the boys are around 1.2 miles into the cave and just over half a mile below the surface however other estimates have put the boys as far as 2.5 miles into the cave.

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