Hero football coach is praised in Thailand for his actions

Praise for assistant coach who sacrificed himself for the good of the team

Navy Seals with the boys in the Tham Luang cave have said that the assistant coach made personal sacrifices in favour of the twelve boys under his charge.

Of the entire group only two exhibited health problems of a medium level. One of these is 25 year old football coach Ekaphon Janthawong. The other was a boy who was not named.

A Seal representative said that the coach had not taken any of the food or water, the party took with them into the cave, for himself and instead made sure that it was all rationed for the boys.

This has obviously weakened him considerably.

He was also well aware of the situation and in charge of events. He made sure the boys all stayed together and remained calm.

He managed the light resources for the good of the children and advised them to stay still as much as possible to conserve energy.

He refused to allow the thirsty boys to drink stagnant cave water and only permitted them to take on fluids dripping from the cave walls that would be cleaner.

The source said: ‘He was frightened too but he was aware of how he needed to remain calm. He was there for the children and sacrificed himself for their benefit.’

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