The Thai nation now all ENGLAND FANS, thanks to hero divers

The Thais will all be cheering on England now...

The people of Thailand have taken to social media to express their support for the England team in tonight’s crucial World Cup match against Colombia.

Football fans across the KINGDOM are now MASSIVE ENGLAND FANS, thanks to the heroic efforts of the English dive team who located and reached 13 young Thai footballers who have been trapped in a flooded cave for 10 days.

The rescue team was made up of fire-fighter Rick Stanton from Coventry and fellow Englishman John Volanthen, who were supported by another expert cave-diver Robert Harper.

Rick Stanton (left) and John Volanthen were the first to reach the trapped group (file photo) (Image: SWNS)

The trio were joined by a fourth Brit, Vern Unsworth, who is a cave expert with extensive knowledge of the actual cave system the boys were trapped in.

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It is Unsworth who is thought to have mapped out the passageways for the dive team to make their way, in the dark and under-water, through the 4km tunnel.

Now the boys have been located they are safe and can be reached regularly by less experienced dive teams.

Mr Stanton and Mr Volanthen walk near cave after finding the group (Image: AFP)

Rescue workers will stay with the group as a supply line is established.

It is thought that it may take up to FOUR MONTHS to get the boys out of the cave, unless they learn to how to dive.

As none them are even swimmers that could also take some time and it may be safer to wait for the water level to drop at the end of the rainy season.


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