Long, slow queues at Bangkok Airport promote ‘Premium Lane’ rip off

Slow queues at Bangkok airport playing into the hands of "priority lane" scam worth millions

Thai media Manager in an exclusive story suggested that the Airports Authority of Thailand and even Immigration may be happy that airport queues for passport checks are long.

This is so that corrupt officials can benefit by selling priority lane passes to people who don’t want to wait especially on their outward trips, they claimed.

The corrupt practice is worth hundreds of millions of baht a year, said Manager.

As a matter of course they said that first and business class passengers, aircrew, diplomats and certain employees of Board of Investment companies would use the priority lane. The cost was part of their tickets and could be as little as an extra 20 baht..

But unscrupulous gangs are selling the passes for anywhere between 200 and 1000 baht a time to people in a hurry.

Manager demanded to know what role the Airports Authority or Immigration may have in the sale of passes?

And they asked how is the money being paid? And they asked is it fair to other passengers?

They demanded to know how the money was being paid and to whom?

They even suggested that the famous long queues at the airport were to the advantage of the unscrupulous in raising the demand for priority lane passes.

Though they called their story exclusive it was short on official response from the AOT or Immigration.

But they said that the scam was worth hundreds of millions of baht to those behind it. Source: mgronline.com


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