Pattaya: ‘Nothing but rude Indians, Chinese & Arabs who treat the place like they own it’

As a Pattaya hotel association were upbeat over an increase in hotel bookings came a stream of racist comments that the tourists were not to the locals’ liking.

Posters on Facebook were moaning that all the tourists in the resort were either Indians, Chinese or Arabs – they don’t spend much, cause trouble and have no manners, they spouted.

The message was clear: Where are all the nice ones – like Americans – who spend cash and behave well!?

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Sophon Cable TV on Facebook quoted Sanpetch Supphabowonsathian, head of the Eastern Seaboard Hotel Association, as saying that the boat show week was a great success and advance bookings for this high season showed a 5-10% increase on last year.

Though prices remained static due to oversupply it was positive news for the industry, he said.

But this was met with scorn by Thai posters many of whom seemed to be operators at the resort.

Nong Samnak said: “Yeh right…but it’s only the Chinese”.

Precha Likit bemoaned the fact that it was just Indians and Chinese asking, Where are the Americans?

“I Love You” clearly doesn’t love the tourists much at their massage shop. They said: “Don’t ask me about the Indians. I would prefer Russians any day but there aren’t any”.

Anchalee Julakhot chipped in: “It is just Chinese groups. What’s the use? They won’t even buy a drink from you”.

While Lihi Kittyhili really turned on the guests to Pattaya: “It’s just Chinese, Indians and Arabs. They have no manners and treat Pattaya like it’s their own country”. Source: Sophon Cable

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