More Danes marrying Thais, figures show

According to TAT’s statistics from January to April 2018, there is a large potential in the wedding segment.

Figures compiled by the national statistics keeper Danmarks Statistik reveal that 105 women from Thailand married a Danish man during the last three months of 2017, reports DR Nyheder. 

Overall, the number of Thais coming to Denmark has almost doubled since last year.

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Thais are by far the largest group when it comes to foreign women coming here to marry Danes. The next-largest are Filipinos, followed by women from the US and Vietnam.

A more educated group

Traditionally, many of the Thai women tend to come from the northeastern part of the country, but women from other parts of Thailand are now following suit.

“Another group have started to come. They are from central Thailand and are better educated,” said Sine Plambech, a migration researcher from the Danish institute for international studies, DIIS.

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Internet dating appears to be one of the reasons for the increase in the numbers of educated women.

“The new group – the more educated ones – are increasingly meeting their Danish husbands through internet dating. They can do that because they have a better command of English than the poorer women,” added Plambech.

Another common way for men to meet their future wives is through Thai women who already live in Denmark.

“The women go to Denmark to be able to support their families and they meet their Danish husbands – either when he is in Thailand or through family networks in Denmark,” said Plambech.

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