Boys found, now the hard part – getting them out

The boys have been trapped in a flooded cave for 10 days

Now the missing Thai boys have been found alive and well, the precarious task of getting them out will become an urgent — and complicated — task.

There are several options, though none of them easy.

They may have to dive through flooded tunnels, retracing divers’ routes to reach them. In which case they would need to be trained how to use scuba equipment in dark, narrow spaces.

Or they could be lifted out through chimneys the rescuers are currently drilling — if those chimneys connect to the area where the boys have been located.

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Waiting for flooding to subside is another option that could allow the boys to get out on foot.

All of the choices are seriously complicated by the physical condition of the team and their immediate medical needs after days underground with little food.

“Cave rescue is laborious, it takes forever, even when you find people that’s the first step then kind of the ‘real’ rescue starts after that,” Josh Morris, founder of Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures has said.

The assumption is that it may take another few weeks to get them out again.


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