Another jealous Thai man murders his ex

The scene inside Phra Nang Klao Hospital in Nonthaburi after the fatal shooting on Tuesday morning. (Photo from rescue volunteer Khamrop Ha Song Facebook page)

A Corrections Department official gunned down his former wife before turning the gun on himself at a public hospital in Nonthaburi on Tuesday morning. The man survived.

The fatal shooting occurred about 9.30am outside the Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD) room at Phra Nang Klao Hospital, said Pol Lt Col Manas Ninklad, deputy investigation chief at Rattanathibet police station.

The victim, Sirikhwan Thonglek, 26, worked in the kidney dialysis section at the hospital. She was shot in the face, chest and stomach.

The gunman, Kriangkrai Yooprai, 41,  a C-6 corrections official and the victim’s former husband, had then shot himself in the temple and was severely wounded, Pol Lt Col Manas said.

Investigators learned the pair had previously been married but Sirikhwan had left him, saying she could no longer put up with his jealous rages.

Mr Kriangkrai had tried unsuccessfully to patch up the relationship on several occasions.

Dr Direk Deesiri, deputy director of Phra Nang Klao Hospital, said the man had walked into the hospital just like any other visitor and gone straight to the dialysis section.

He had shot Sirikhwan dead and then pointed the pistol at his own temple and pulled the trigger.

He was rushed into surgery. His condition was not known. No other people at the hospital were hurt, Manager Online reported.


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