‘Stay away from Thailand,’ warns father of murdered tourist

Christina’s father Boyne said he doubts he and his wife Margaret will ever find out how his 23-year-old daughter died. Source:news.com.au

The dad of a woman found dead on Koh Tao island is urging travellers to stay away from the island.

The death of Christina Annesley, from south east London, still remains a mystery after her body was found on a beach on the Thai island back in 2015.

Her heart-broken dad Boyne has since spoken out with his beliefs that other unexplained deaths of westerners on the island – which some have given the grim nickname ‘Death Island’ on social media – are due to a ‘serial killer family’ that live there.

Thai rescue workers wrap the bodies of two British tourists who were found dead on a beach of Koh Tao island in 2014. Source:AAP

Speaking to news.com.au, he said: “I don’t believe we’ll ever find out what happened to her. There’s no proof because you can’t get proof because the authorities are corrupt.”

Christina, 23, a recent graduate had travelled to the island two weeks into a four-month trip around east Asia. She was found dead in January 2015; after her dad spent an agonising 24 hours attempting to make contact with her.

On social media, Christian had posted to say she was taking antibiotics for a chest infection shortly before her death. Her mum has previously said that her daughter died of natural causes.

However, a number of strange rumours have left her dad unconvinced.

He told news.co.au: “In the back of my mind I had a feeling there might be something wrong. Now I’m really suspicious.

“They didn’t find Christina for 24 hours and she’d been lying in the heat.”

He said he had since been told that Christina had been killed after ‘going round asking questions’ about other deaths on the island.

Back in 2014, backpackers Hannah Witheridge, 23, and 24-year-old David Miller were found murdered on a beach on Koh Tao. Christina’s body was found a few months later at the same beach.

There have also been reported deaths of British backpackers in 2012.

Credit: Creative Commons/WikiMedia

Boyne continued: “We knew nothing about Thailand being a corrupt place. A hell of a lot of people died on Koh Tao, I didn’t realise how many.

“I just think they don’t want you to find out. You can imagine when you’ve just lost a child you’re not really in the frame of mind to challenge that – it’s very raw and you don’t think about it.”

He said that a petition urging the UK government to look into the deaths of British citizens might make people think twice about travelling to the island.

You can sign the petition here.  Source: News.com.au

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