Thais blame the Vietnamese for ‘damaging Thai tourism’

Vietnamese thieves and pickpockets blamed for damaging Thai tourism

Thai Rath columnist Plueng Payak wrote about the arrest of two female Vietnamese slash thieves and pickpockets who were nabbed in operations led by crime buster “Big Joke” Pol Maj Gen Surachet Hakpal.

The columnist said that the Vietnamese were arrested in front of Yim Yim Place in Din Daeng.

They were named as Ngian Tee Hoei, 56, and Lei Tee Tu Hian, 34.

They targeted tourists at sites in Bangkok because visitors to Thailand were less likely to report theft and would go home before they could press charges.

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Hian did the stealing and Hoei did the fencing and provided accommodation to the gang.

The names are likely to be false. Both women had been arrested before but simply went back home to Vietnam and changed their names and returned to continue their thieving ways.

Pleung Payak said their actions were damaging for Thai tourism as the victims of such crime would post negative things about Thailand on social media and cause the country’s image to be tarnished.

Maj Gen Surachet has blamed gangs from several neighboring countries for preying on tourists in Thailand. – ThaiRath

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