30 known sex offenders prevented from entering Thailand

Some 800 registered child sex offenders travelled overseas from Australia last year, often to developing countries in Asia. In one high-profile case last year, Australian Robert Ellis was convicted of sexually abusing 11 Indonesian girls in Bali

Immigration has reported that 30 sex offenders have been arrested at five Thai airports since the start of 2018.

They represent about 20% of all serious criminals stopped at the airports.

Pol Col Cherngron Rimphadee, deputy immigration commissioner, said that 156 foreign nationals that represented a serious threat to Thailand’s security had been arrested.

The figures referred to Suvarnabhumi, Don Muang, Chiang Mai, Hat Yai and Phuket airports from January to June.

The 30 sex offenders were part of a larger group of 3,461 people who came under suspicion for exploiting Thailand as a “Sex Country” Daily News reported.

Twelve of the 156 were found to have fake passports, fake pictures in their passports or fake visas and stamps.

Pol Col Cherngron hailed the force’s Advance Passenger Processing System or APPS for the successes.

Among them were Mr Oh Janghyn a Korean wanted for human trafficking and Dolen Zuarez an Israeli wanted for murder. Both were caught in January.

Total foreign arrivals at the airports so far this year has been 14,752,560 people. Some 8.7 million arrived at Suvarabhumi and 2.7 million at Don Muang.

This represented an 18% rise at those two airports compared to the previous year. – Daily News

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