Two shot dead, three wounded in Bangkok hospital

Police cordon off the crime scene inside Nakhon Pathom Hospital, where two people were shot dead and three others wounded, one badly, on Friday afternoon. (Photo taken from rescue volunteer Chonyuen Wisutthipat...

Two people were killed and three others wounded, one very seriously, by a murderous hail of bullets fired inside the Nakhon Pathom public hospital early Friday afternoon.

The fatal shooting occurred around 1.40pm in the waiting room outside the obstetricts section on the first floor of the Nakhon Pathom Hospital administrative building.

Two people were killed – a woman and her father. They were Thayamas Thanamsri, 29, and Samphan Thanamsri, 60.

The woman was shot in the chest, arms and back, and her father was shot twice in the head, TV Channel 3 reported.

Three other people were also wounded, a man and two woman  The man, aged 50, was also shot in the head and was rushed into emergency surgery. His name was not released.

The two women escaped with minor injuries. They were identified as Duanglak Siripitrakul, 52, and Surawan Panthasing, 26. Police were investigating.

Other details were not yet known.  – Bangkok Post

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