9 out of 10 hotels on Koh Phi Phi are illegal

Phi Phi Island

Out of 104 hotels, only nine are capable of being properly registered. That’s the bottom line after a month of checking by Krabi officials.

Muang Krabi District Chief Satta Tongkam says, “From May 1 until now, we have checked 104 hotels in Muang Krabi district, principally accommodation on Koh Phi Phi.

There are 78 cases on Koh Phi Phi that the Krabi Provincial Court has ruled on. Only nine hotels have been found operating legally with proper licenses.”

‘From our in depth investigation on Koh Phi Phi we have found that most of hotel operators will be unable to submit for accommodation licenses because they don’t have land possession documents.

Some hotel rooms and building sizes are not up to standard when we check against the standards demanded by the Hotel Act.”

“Relevant officials might have to review some of the ministerial regulations again in order to solve this local issue. We hope that a way can be found so these illegal hotels will be able to comply and become legal by law. They will not be able to continue operation if they can’t comply.”

Officials also investigated a hillside area where 34 villas and a big swimming pool is being built. The land documents for this property are currently under scrutiny by the Land Department.

Read more about that investigation HERE.


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