Vietnam’s Vietjet flight attendants listed as world’s second most attractive

Vietjet’s bikini-clad air hostesses

Low-cost Vietnamese carrier Vietjet, known for its bikini-clad flight attendants, has had its stewardesses listed as the world’s second most attractive airline attendants by Canada’s VIVA Lifestyle and Travel website.

The Vietjet air hostesses stand only behind their Air Emirates counterparts, according to the VIVA list.

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The Vietnamese airline is followed by Air Serbia and Air France, with Singapore Airlines capturing the last spot in the top five.

The Vancouver-based site said it has compiled the list to “fix a fatal flaw” in a recent ranking by Trippy, an online travel community, which “failed to include multiple airlines, [including] Vietjet.”

VIVA believed Vietjet has the world’s second most attractive flight attendants, thanks to their “ingenious bikini uniforms,” which have been a considerable contributor to the carrier’s success, with its CEO Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao having become Vietnam’s first female billionaire.

Thao, who launched Vietjet in 2011, made her debut on the Forbes 2017 Billionaires List with a net worth of US$1.2 billion. In 2016 Vietjet flew nearly 15 million passengers, raking in a hefty profit of VND2.39 trillion ($105 million).

“The employees have the option of donning the newer style of uniform, or to stick with the more traditional style; but given that many of their flight attendants could well be models, it really doesn’t matter which one they choose,” VIVA wrote.

If one is not able to hop on a VietJet flight anytime soon to meet those attractive air hostesses, VIVA suggested they “do the next best thing by purchasing one of their annual calendars,” which feature their model-like attendants in bikinis.

In the meantime, the Air Emirates air hosts are placed at the top spot because they “have gained quite a reputation on social media for their unique, recognizable uniform and their stunning good looks in equal measure,” VIVA said.

Based in Dubai, Air Emirates hires employees from countries around the globe, and even has their own flight training academy in the UAE’s main airport.

“Aside from the attractiveness of their staff, the airline is also making news with their cheeky jabs at the United States’ recent laptop ban – which is making us fall in love with them even more,” it said.  – Tuoi Tre News


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