The waves rolled in covering beaches with sea junk

Image - Pattaya News

Pattaya News reported on a dire situation on a Ban Ampher beach in Sattahip.

A 300-400 meter stretch is covered in litter brought in off the sea.

Nobody is daring to go in the sea because of the risk of picking up diseases.

Food traders in the area do what they can in the morning and evening – but each new tide brings more plastic trash, more foam, more old pieces of driftwood.

The storms have been blamed – and people out at sea littering the environment.

Rocks are entangled with the mess and under the surface the situation is just as bad.

Pattaya News called on the authorities concerned to give the locals a hand as it is damaging tourism.

Posters called for volunteers but many are resigned to the inexorable tide of trash sweeping ashore. – Pattaya News


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