Five more Muslims shot dead in Thailand

Paramedics take the bodies of the shooting victims from the house to hospital for autopsy. (photo supplied by Maluding Deeto)

Gunmen stormed into a house and shot five people dead in Bannang Sata district overnight, police said on Monday morning.

The attack was reported about 1am at the home of Ibroheng Museh, 32, in tambon Tanohputeh. The attackers used a shotgun and an M16 rifle.

Ibroheng was shot dead, along with his cousin Ahmah Museh, 33, and neighbours Aranchai Doheh, 26, Usman Yusoh, 39, and Furagon Laso, 25.

Investigators found more than a dozen fired bullet casings.

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Four attackers, wearing masks, arrived at the house in two motorcycles. Two of them, armed with a shotgun and an M-16 rifle, walked in on the five men and shot them dead.

The victims reportedly gathered at the house regularly at night after fasting during Ramadan.

Police said it was not clear yet if the shooting was motivated by a personal feud or related to the insurgency.

The investigation was continuing. – Bangkok Post

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