Islamic leader in Thailand killed in gun attack

People carry the body of Aduldej Chenae, the deputy chairman of the Pattani Islamic Committee, for a burial ceremony on Sunday after he died from gun injuries sustained in Sai Buri district, Pattani. (Photo by Abdulloh Benjakat)

The deputy chairman of the Pattani Islamic Committee, who was seriously injured in a gun attack on Friday, died on Sunday morning at Pattani Hospital, according to a hospital announcement. He was 55.

Aduldej Chenae was leaving a mosque in front of Ban Lalo Witthaya School in Sai Buri district when he was attacked by two gunmen. He was shot three times in the head.

He was rushed to the hospital where he underwent an operation to remove the bullets from his head.

Aduldej was pronounced dead at 2.45am on Sunday in an intensive care unit of Pattani Hospital.

A burial ceremony for Aduldej will be held today at the cemetery in Ban Lalo.

Police were still investigating the incident.

After the gun attack on Aduldej, security measures have been stepped up in Pattani town. All vehicles and their occupants are subject to security checks.

Checkpoints, manned jointly by police, military and civilian personnel, have been set up on various roads. – Bangkok Post


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