Rewards offered for World Cup gambling tip-offs in Phuket

Ministry of Interior posters campaigning against gambling during the upcoming FIFA World Cup. Images: PR Dept

Phuket Governor Norraphat Plodthong has called on people across the island to report any gambling during the upcoming FIFA World Cup, with informants standing to receive “incentives’ of half the fines levied on those found guilty.

“With the World Cup to be held from June 14 to July 15, the Ministry of Interior has ordered that no permits be approved for gambling while the World Cup is on,” Gov Norraphat said yesterday (June 7).

“Those found breaking the law will be fined up to B1,000 or up to one year in jail, or both, as mandated under Section 12(2) of the Gambling Act BE 2478,” Gov Norraphat said.

People who provide information that leads to arrests and subsequent fines of those found guilty stand to receive half of the amount of the fines levied, he added.

“Rewards shall be levied to the persons who give notice of the offences under Section 12(2) and Section 15 of the Gambling Act BE 2478,” Gov Norraphat explained yesterday.

Section 15 of the Gambling Act specifically states, “Apart from the penalties already provided in this Act, in the case where there is an informer guiding to an arrest of the offender, the Public Prosecutor shall request to the court to grant reward to the informer.

And the court shall also order in the judgement that the offender pay the reward to the informer by half of the amount of the fine.

“If the offender does not pay such reward, it shall be deducted from the seized possessions of which the court will issue a confiscation order once the case becomes final, or from a fine paid to the court.”

“Gambling may cause children, youths and other people to become obsessed with gambling, as well as become a source of crime and other social problems,” Gov Norraphat said.

“In response to government policy and the Ministry of Interior’s policy to suppress influentials and also to prevent the problem of football gambling, Phuket requests cooperation from all sectors to help public relations media to inform the public of the legal penalties and consequences of illegal gambling, and to provide a channel to report any tip-offs at Provincial Damronghdama Centres in all districts,” he added.

People can report can instances of gambling to the Phuket Provincial Damrongdhama Centre (Ombudsman’s Office) at Phuket Provincial Hall.

Alternatively, they can report gambling at any of the three local Damronghdama Centres located at District Offices across the island. – Phuket News


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