Thai man axes unfaithful wife to death

A husband never forgot his unfaithful wife - axes her to death as she swings in a hammock

A husband in Chumpon told police that he was still bitter ten years after his wife left him for another man.

Suthep Buaphan, 58, was waiting for Mapamarit cops to arrive on the front porch.

In front of the house was his wife Bunphian Buaphan, 55.

She still had an axe embedded in her skull.

Suthep told Pol Capt Suraphong Phakdeesri that his wife had left him for another man ten years ago.

After those ten years the new couple had split up and the wife had asked to come back and live with him.

He agreed but he was only pretending to be pleased that she was back, reported Daily News.

He bided his time before his wife was relaxing in a hammock on the front porch then picked up an axe. It only took two or three blows to the neck and head and his revenge was complete.

He was charged with premeditated murder and detained. – Daily News

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