This is how the Chinese are trashing their hotel rooms

Chinese couple stayed two days - but this is how they left the room

A landlord in Phuket went on Facebook to show the state of his room after a Chinese couple had stayed for two days.

Sanook reported there was enough litter for a month.

The first that “Ton” heard about it was when the maid alerted him with her screams.

He went to take pictures that he put on his Facebook page, Ton Music Phuket.

Ton told Sanook that he rented the room out at 800 baht a day. The man had kept pestering him with questions about where to buy seafood and fruit nearby but he had never seen the woman emerge from the room.


In ten years of renting out his property he had never seen this – though he was not blaming the Chinese. Many of them are fine, he said.

The maid took all day to tidy up – then they decided to leave the room for two days to air as it really smelled bad. –  Sanook


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