Australian tourist stabbed in motiveless Pattaya attack

Relatives and rescue workers taked Jaydon Sienkiewicz to hospital after he was stabbed at a discotheque in Pattaya early on Thursday. (Photo by Chaiyot Pupattanapong)

An Australian man aged 21 was stabbed while in the toilet of a discotheque on Walking Street early on Thursday morning.

Police were informed of the attack at the Mixx Discotheque in South Pattaya about 4.30am.

Investigators sent to the scene were greeted by the family of the injured man, Jaydon Sienkiewicz, who was stabbed in the right side of his chest. He had already been taken to Pattaya City Hospital.

His stepmother, Khumkhun Songnangrong, said her family of 10,  including Mr Sienkiewicz’ Australian father, were having a good time at the disco.

Her stepson went to the bathroom, and returned to their table with a bleeding stab wound. He was quickly taken to hospital.

Police checked surveillance camera recordings and questioned the injured man, hoping to identify the assailant and the motive for the attack.

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