British boxer stabbed by Thai wife in Lampang

British boxer found in a bloodbath after altercation with Thai wife in Lampang

Police in Bor Haew sub-district of Lampang were called to a house where a man had locked himself in.

It turned out to be a British man, aged 36, who is learning Thai boxing at a camp in the northern Thai province.

But he wouldn’t let investigators in so they tried to calm the situation.

When he eventually did let the cops in, they were in for a shock – Sanook said it was like the scene from a murder movie.

He had a serious wound to a major artery on his left arm and after being given first aid was rushed to hospital. The cut was ten centimeters in length.

His Thai wife, aged 35, said that he had come home very drunk.

An argument broke out and she claimed that her husband tried to hit her in the abdomen.

She said that to protect herself she picked up a razor from a table and slashed him.

There was a lot of blood and she then ran out to get help.

The man is now in Lampang Hospital but there was no immediate news of his condition. – sanook

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