Drunk Pattaya cop claimed to be Special Forces

"Drunk cop" tells Pattaya trader: "I'm special forces - wanna eat lead?"

A man claiming to be a Bang Lamung special forces officer threatened another driver at a Pattaya condo.

Then he fled the scene leaving his BMW behind.

Pattaya police are looking for the alleged cop.

Cops were called to the Niran Grand Condo in Soi Arunothai at 7am Sunday morning by trader Bunsang Nanamchiaw, 47.

He said that he was taking a foreign friend to the condo and had stopped for a moment. He was not in the way at all but the driver of the BMW 323i (license plate ศณ (sor nor) 1276) started hooting his horn then allegedly shouted at him:

“I”m special forces at Bang Lamung police station – wanna eat lead?”

Bunsang said the other man was clearly drunk, reported Thai Rath.

The driver had fled when police arrived. In his car hanging up in the back was a police tunic with the words ‘special forces police’ in yellow.

Police seized the car and are in the process of summonsing the owner and are trying to ascertain if the man is really a cop at Bang Lamung. – Thai Rath

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