70 schoolkids in hospital after eating food from Pattaya market

Bang Lamung Hospital in the Pattaya area was overwhelmed yesterday as 70 primary school children were taken to hospital after eating lunch.

They had all consumed vegetarian food that was bought at a Pattaya market, reported Daily News.

On the menu was a mushroom soup and spicy boiled egg salad.

District chief Naris Niramaiwong ordered an immediate investigation into where the food came from and its preparation.

Students in grades P4 – P6 started suffering from serious diarrhea and vomiting after lunch at Wat Nong Ket Yai school.

Ten ambulances ferried the children to hospital where there were not enough beds to cope.

School director Noppawan Khonseu said there were 669 pupils at the school. Her own staff prepared the vegetarian menu for the day from ingredients brought in by a parent or parents.

Daily News said the ingredients were purchased at a Pattaya market.

Some of the children showed improvement and were allowed to go home later with parents. – Daily News

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