Video – Pattaya ‘tough guy’ threatens western women with baseball bat.

Thai thug was caught on camera threatening a western tourist with a baseball bat.

A Thai tough guy has been captured on camera threatening a Western woman with a baseball bat.

The incident occurred after his alleged dangerous driving caused the woman tourist to stop and take a snap of his license plate.

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Witnesses confirmed he was in the wrong but he refused to accept any responsibility and instead threatened serious violence to the lady and her pillion passenger.

The clip was shared on Thai Social Media sites with 99% of comments displaying disgust for the driver and his behavior.

Many of his fellow Thais have called for him to turn himself in.

It is not known where the incident took place but many of the comments reveal it happened on Sukhumvit Road in Pattaya.

It is not known if the police intend to investigate the threat.

Report shared by BangkokJack News Team


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