More luggage theft at Suvarnabhumi

This small padlock on the bag of a Thai traveler was cut and expensive goods he bought in New York stolen during the flight home to Suvarnabhumi airport.(Photo: Suthiwit Chayutworakan)

An airline passenger has complained to police that about 20,000 baht-worth of goods was stolen from his suitcase during his flight home from a trip to New York with his family.

Suchat Yuplong told police on Tuesday afternoon he noticed nothing wrong when he collected his black suitcase from the baggage carousel at Suvarnabhumi airport on Monday.

But when he unpacked his bag at home he discovered the lock on his bag had been cut open and about 20,000 baht-worth of brand-name bags, belts and glasses he bought in New York were missing.

He asked officers to check the records of security cameras to see how his bag was carried from the plane to the baggage pickup area.

He and his family arrived back at the airport on Monday from New York. They had transited at Dubai airport, United Arab Emirates.

Police were investigating.


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