Pattaya ladyboys fined after posing naked for Chinese tourists

Three transgender women apologise to the public for tarnishing the country's image for tourists after a viral video showed them posing naked in a Pattaya hotel room. (Photo by Chaiyot Pupattanapong)

Three ladyboys were arrested in Pattaya beach town early Tuesday after a clip showing them posing naked for Chinese tourists to take photos drew a barrage of criticism online.

The risqué video taken five years ago that suddenly began circulating online has landed three Pattaya transsexuals in trouble with the police.

Kanisorn Tooljit, 36, Noppadol Jorwan, 33 and Samtib Naimi, 34, were fined Bt2,000 each early Tuesday for indecent behaviour in public.

The widely shared video showed them baring their breasts for a Chinese tourist, who was taking their photo on Walking Street and then went to a hotel with them.

The ladyboys said they couldn’t understand why the clip of an incident that occurred in 2013 had reappeared now.

Police are hoping to track down whoever posted the clip online.

The Bangkok Post reported that the trio had been fined for tarnishing Thailand’s good image.

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