What’s it like living in tenements waiting to collapse in Saigon?

The space between two blocks at Ngo Gia Tu Tenement has deteriorated into a slum. - Tuoi Tre

Dozens of thousands of residents in old, worn-out apartment buildings throughout Ho Chi Minh City have experienced decrepit living conditions and serious pollution while facing imminent risks of collapse.

After some 50 years of survival, these apartment buildings have become dilapidated, overcrowded and perilous, undermining the safety of thousands of local residents.

City officials have had plans to demolish many of the places but they have remained barely standing for years due to a lack of funds from the government.

Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper reporters have recently visited Ngo Gia Tu and An Quang Tenements in District 10, two of the most tumbledown buildings in the metropolis.

Large flakes have come off the walls at An Quang Tenement, exposing rusty, worn-away iron structures. Photo: Tuoi Tre

A panorama of the derelict Ngo Gia Tu Tenement, which has exposed its inhabitants to grave pollution and fire hazards. Photo: Tuoi Tre

Tangled electricity wires are seen above a rundown block at Ngo Gia Tu Tenement, which is riddled with unsightly canvas sheets and rotten wooden planks. Photo: Tuoi Tre

Space underneath staircases at Ngo Gia Tu Tenement is in such a dilapidated state. Photo: Tuoi Tre

A room with patchy repairs is seen above one of the staircases at Ngo Gia Tu Tenement. Photo: Tuoi Tre

The space enlarged by Ngo Gia Tu Tenement residents themselves and mostly made of plastic and rotten wood poses serious fire hazards. Photo: Tuoi Tre

More than ten members of a household cram into a shabby room at Ngo Gia Tu Tenement. Photo: Tuoi Tre

Inhabitants at An Quang Tenement take temporary shelter along its corridor. Photo: Tuoi Tre

Apart from structural dilapidation, Ngo Gia Tu Tenement has been facing worrisome pollution. Photo: Tuoi Tre

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