Drink drivers should be fined Bht 200,000, say Thai police

More arrests can be expected this year

An advisory committee of the Royal Thai Police said they will recommend that fines for drink driving be dramatically increased.

Pol Maj Gen Ekkarak Limsangkat said that the present rate of 10,000 baht and/or a year in jail is not enough of a deterrent.

He wants to see this increased to at least 100,000 baht and possibly even 200,000 baht in serious cases.

Increase in jail time is not on the table.

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Courts can raise the fines in the case of repeat offences but the police want the power to issue far greater penalties to those who flout the law, even the first time.

And Ekkarak also said that his committee would like to see fines that are commensurate with the level of alcohol in the blood punishing the most serious offenders the most.

The committee that has members from the top echelons of the national police are going to make recommendations on a list of new measures designed to help improve the situation on the roads in the kingdom.

Thailand’s road death statistics suggest it is the most dangerous place in the world to drive and many accidents are caused by drunk drivers. – DailyNews

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