Inside the abandoned Batman Nightclub (Gallery)

The Batman Nightclub in Pattaya, Thailand, was a thriving venue two decades ago

The Batman Nightclub in the Thai resort town of Pattaya has been brought back to life with this stunning set of photographs.

These eerie pictures show what happens when the party finally stops.

They give a glimpse inside an abandoned Batman themed Nightclub that closed its doors over 20 years ago.

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Constructed in 1994 just south of Bangkok, Thailand, the nightclub was one of Pattaya’s most thriving spots for night-time entertainment.

It was no doubt once home to many eager western tourists seeking some Thai nightlife.

But just 18 months after the official opening, the club was shut down for underage drinking and drug use.

American Photographer Dax Ward visited the eerie grounds to photograph the lifeless remains of the nightclub.

Dax said: “Today, this place stands derelict, flooded and full of bats.

“Batman lights would beam across the city to attract customers – it also seems to have been a snooker club on the members only upper floors. Only the bottom two floors were a disco.”

In total, the club has six floors.

Dax said: “I’d read about the location online and seen some pictures from others that looked interesting.

“I wanted to have a look and see if I could produce some images that convey my vision of the site.”

The site is now owned by a local bank that repossessed the property from the original owner – but the pictures show how the remains have been left untouched.

“The flooded area on the ground floor was a dance area with a bar and stage,” Dax said.

“Usually I feel relaxed while photographing decaying locations – but this was different. It was unsettling from the moment we set foot inside, you get the sense that something is just not right.”

There have been some reports over the years that a fire tore through the nightclub not long after it was shut down.

And when on site, Dax managed to speak to a local man named Mr Hae who apparently used to work at the club as a staff manager.

Dax said: “Hae sounded sullen as he spoke of times past, with a sadness in his voice.

“He said the club was only open about a year and a half before it caught fire due to a circuit board overload and supposedly the fire prevented the electrically operated doors from opening, causing them to be locked shut.

“He even said he sometimes swims in the flooded ground floor pool. My girlfriend, Mook, and I thought that he was being honest.”

Dax has never been a superstitious person, but this particular location certainly left him feeling uneasy. He said: “I definitely wouldn’t come here at night, for both concerns of my general safety and that it would just creep me out.

“I don’t really believe in ghosts or spirits that haunt dwellings, but if any place were to ever have made me consider changing my mind, this would be it.”

The photographer and technology teacher said this abandoned picture set was one of his best photographic works.

“I’m very happy with the results of this series,” he said.

“Although it is quite gloomy inside and there is reported to be a dreadful history, there is still beauty amongst the decay.

“I just hope that some of my photos succeeded in capturing that.”

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