Video: Pataya motorcycle taxi driver kicks German tourist in the face

A motorcycle taxi driver in full public view in Pattaya was filmed kicking a German tourist in the face.

According to Pattaya News the tourist who had been involved in a police stop outside Pattaya police station had raised his finger to the “win” rider.

A video showed him being kicked in the face as he tried to move his motorcycle that had been locked.

Pattaya police confirmed that Sunthorn Saengkham, 48, was arrested and charged. He claimed that the tourist – Adreas Bruer – was trying to flee the scene. (see for yourself)

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Police said that Mr Bruer had been stopped at the checkpoint but was found to be carrying only a German driving license and was given a ticket.

Mr Bruer has decided not to press his own charges in the incident that was widely viewed on Thai social media, probably because he was threatened with further violence.

Following the kicking several Thais came in to help the tourist saying that violence was not the answer.

Last week Pattaya police announced they would be stopping tourists who did not have proper documentation while renting vehicles at the resort. – Pattaya News

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