Chiang Mai tourists caught up in taxi wars

Five tourists in Chiang Mai got caught up in the continuing war between the city’s red “song thaew” taxis and the Grabcar service.

An owner of a hostel in the San Sai area outside the city went on Facebook to say that five tourists had asked him to get a vehicle to take them to Wat Prasingh, reported Manager Online.

A red taxi turned up and asked for 600 baht which they rejected as too expensive. They then asked the owner to call Grabcar and they went with that.

When they reached their destination they said an argument broke out with red taxi drivers there. The tourists apparently fled the scene of the argument.

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It was posted that all the tourists were women and that they were chased by the red taxi drivers at the temple causing them considerable distress. They feared they were about to be attacked for using Grabcar.

Later a representative of the red taxi drivers’ association said it was nonsense. CCTV footage had been studied and they were not all women – two of the five were men.

And the red taxi drivers were not chasing them at all – they were chasing the Grabcar driver.

Suggestions were made that such posting online contravened the Computer Crime Act and the red taxi drivers could sue the poster for defamation.

Manager reported that there are incidents in the city between the red taxis and Uber and Grabcar on a continuing basis. – Manager Online

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