Video: Girl whacks guy with shoes during 5am fight

A couple were caught on camera fighting at the carpark of a Singapore apartment building at around 5am on Saturday.

Stomper Anonymous witnessed the incident and filmed videos of the altercation.

Said the Stomper: “I was woken up from my sleep at about 5am, after hearing shouts coming from below my block.”

In the videos, the couple can be seen arguing and tussling with each other.

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The woman was also holding a shoe, which she used to hit the man with.

The man then removed the shoe from her grasp and tossed it aside.

This led the woman to remove her other shoe and continue hitting the guy.

Anonymous added: “The police were alerted to the incident after awhile.”

A photo taken by Anonymous also shows two police officers speaking to the couple at the scene. The woman appeared to be barefooted.

Stomp understands that the couple were fighting over relationship issues.

They had already resolved the conflict when police arrived at the scene.

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