This idiot wants to ruin the next generation

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Social media has slammed Ms Carson, criticising her viewpoint and opinion

A pink haired Australian Liberal, and self-claiming sex education ‘expert,’ has sparked a debate on sexual consent, after she argued that parents should ask their children for permission before changing their diapers. 

Australian Liberal Deanne Carson, who works for an organization that indoctrinates children on the subject of consent, appeared on Australia’s ABC news network to comment on Saxon Mullins, whose rape case sparked a national debate on sexual consent laws.

Carson argued that parents should teach their children about consent as early as possible.

“We work with parents from birth…Just about how to set up a culture of consent in their homes. ‘I’m going to change your nappy now, is that OK?’ Of course a baby’s not going to respond ‘yes mum, that’s awesome I’d love to have my nappy changed’.

“But if you leave a space and wait for body language and wait to make eye contact then you’re letting that child know that their response matters,” she said.

Carson, it seems, isn’t joking either.

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