Jontien beach disaster zone! Stinking black sea as tourists flee!

Picture: Thai Rath

Thai media Thai Rath pulled no punches in a report that said that Jomtien beach in Pattaya was a virtual disaster zone.

Filthy, stinking black water had turned a one kilometer stretch of the beach into a no go area.

They suggested that the water was poisonous and possibly dangerous to swim in.

Pictures showed the disgusting state of the beach across a very wide area.

A pipe in the area of the Poo Pen restaurant was disgorging noxious water into the sea turning it a filthy black.

Yesterday a whole army of local officials, coastal resource staff and even the Na Jomtien police were surveying the environmental damage.

Run off from the city after many days of heavy rain has been named as the culprit.

Thai Rath said in their headline that “tourists fled in all directions” from the stinking mess at Jomtien. – Thai Rath

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