Viral Video: Vietnamese woman caught ‘adjusting herself’ in tinted car window

A video published on Youtube caught a woman adjusting herself in an occupied car's window

Moment a woman readjusts her bra and picks her nose while using a tinted car window as a mirror – before getting a VERY nasty surprise

A woman has been caught by surprise after she stopped to check her reflection  in a car window.

The Vietnamese woman readjusted her shirt as well as her bra and picked her nose before the car’s window slid down to reveal someone had watched and filmed her the whole time.

She is then caught embarrassingly running off after the driver rolls down the window.

In the footage she can be seen unashamedly adjusted her bra in the car’s reflection, the woman goes to the full-extent to fix her shirt.

She puts her hands down the front of her top, cups her breasts and appeared to be impressed with her assets.

The woman continued to flare her nostrils and pull faces at her unsuspecting on-looker.

She was digging deep in to her nose as the passenger revealed they were behind the tinted window the whole time.

The woman hurried away in embarrassment from her make-shift mirror.

The video which was published on Youtube was taken in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

‘This girl was surprised to find the car occupied,’ the video description said.

Many claimed the extravagant video must have been fake.

‘The window isn’t even tinted enough,’ one person commented.

‘I wonder what going on in her mind after this’ one said ‘fake or not it’s still funny,’ another person mentioned.

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