Thailand Makes First Triple Organ Transplant

Thailand Makes First Triple Organ Transplant

A successful triple organ transplant to a patient with heart failure caused by liver damage, was made in Thailand, its first type in Asia, announced Thursday health authorities from the Siriraj hospital.

Rachanod Rungsawan, the 26 years old patient was benefitted with the surgical procedure which substituted his kidney, liver and heart with organs donated by Thailand Red Cross, reported the Head of the Thai Hospital ,Visit Vamavanit and the deputy chief of the Medicine School of Mahidol University, Parsit Watanapa.

Watanapa said the surgery lasted almost 13 hours and began with the heart transplant, followed by the liver’s and kidney’s.

The deputy chief also added the recovery of the patient extended 83 days, from December 3, 2017 up to last February 23, who is already at home with a normal life.

Triple organ transplant has benefitted 14 persons in United States and nowadays in Thailand.

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