Frenchman stabbed to death at Bangkok guest house

Thai Rath reported that a French man had been stabbed to death at a Bangkok guest house after he intervened in an argument between a Thai and another French person.

The other French man had tried to stop the Thai from urinating where he shouldn’t.

Chana Songkhram police have made an arrest of a man named as “Pae” and are investigating.

Police called to the guest house behind the Phra Su Meru shrine on Phra Arthit Road in Phra Nakorn district found Leo Alexander face up on a wooden platform by a bar area.

He had a stab wound to the left side of the chest and was dead.

Police were told that Pae and his girlfriend had been drinking from evening until midnight last night. A French man called Es arrived and saw Pae urinating in a drain and told him not to do that.

An argument broke out and Leo intervened to stop it.

Pae then went and got a knife and returned to stab the French man to death.

He was soon arrested in Phra Arthit Road. – ThaiRath

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