Video: Aunty forgets to brake! Nearly kills herself at level crossing

CCTV footage from the PR page of the State Railways on Facebook showed the moment a woman on a motorcycle failed to see a barrier down at a level crossing as an express train approached.

The woman’s neck collides with the barrier and her bike goes onto the tracks. She is also perilously close to the line.

She is able to get up and a crossing official runs to her aid to retrieve the bike.

Seconds later the 167 Express from Bangkok to Kantang goes thorough the crossing.

The PR team at the SRT praised the actions of the official – Phijit Meuankaew – for saving the day.

The incident happened Saturday morning just before 8am near the station of Lang Suan on the mainline heading south towards Chumpon.

Thai Rath said that “pa” (or aunty) had failed to brake. – ThaiRath

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