Aussie arrested on theft charge in Pattaya

Oliver Niyonsaba hides his face from the media after the Australian was arrested for stealing valuable items from a Thai in Pattaya on Sunday. (Photo by Chaiyot Pupattanapong)

An Australian national has been arrested for stealing valuable items from a Thai woman in the resort city.

Pattaya tourist police said Oliver Niyonsaba, 21, was arrested at an entertainment venue on Walking and sent to Pattaya police station on a theft charge.

The Australian allegedly stole valuable items from a bag belonging to Thannayalak Nasuhai, 40, police said.

Ms Thannalak told police that she left the bag while going to the toilet. Her friend alerted her about the theft and venue staff detained the man until police arrived, she added.

Neither Ms Thannalak nor police gave details about the stolen items.

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